General Aviation

Niedersachsen Aviation

Excellent Infrastructure for the General Aviation: Our Airports.

By now, Niedersachsen is well-known as Germany’s focal point for general aviation. Supported by the excellent infrastructure available to the industry, numerous successful companies are located here. This spatially and thematically heterogeneous sector is characterised by small and medium sized companies and shows a clustering in South-Niedersachsen (especially Braunschweig and Hildesheim). Approximately 100 persons from 30 companies are active within Niedersachsen Aviation.

General Aviation features different systematical approaches which include the companies modifying and implementing innovations from a variety of fields. There is a big variety which often fills niches. However, there is one thing in common for all partners: the mission statement of private transport in the air.

The "Carplane" (Carplane, FreshBreeze) or the Flywhale as the first ultra-light hydroplane in the world are some of the examples from Niedersachsen that achieved public attention with their performances at the AERO Friedrichshafen. AutoGyro in Hildesheim refined and optimized the construction of gyrocopters and is by now world market leader in this segment. Newest development is the gyrocopter with an electric motor - the eGyro.