Our Mission

Niedersachsen Aviation connects aerospace companies and provides a platform for exchange, cooperation and information.

  • Niedersachsen Aviation connects and promotes aviation and aerospace industry in Niedersachsen.
  • We enhance the competitiveness of the aerospace sector and provide support for businesses, research and institutions.
  • We ensure effective collaboration between economy, science and politics.

Our activities

Whether you are looking to add more production capacity, invest in growing business, expand your company or find new partners in our innovative and advanced aerospace supply chain - join us for new heights in aerospace industry!


Further strengthening and completion of industrial value chains

Our networks strengthen existing competencies of aerospace companies and further develop them. Thereby it is not only important to focus on large cooporations but to gain new opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME).

It is more important than ever to promote and closer connect the aerospace industry with new business segments and markets e.g. wind power or other mobility industries.


The Development of Regional, North-German, European and international Cooperation

A closer cooperation within the Northern German federal states is urgently needed due to regional linkages, synergy potentials and the global competition. However, the cooperation cannot only consist of mere marketing measures.

Within the last years, we have established cooperations between technologically similar initiatives as well as nothern Germany's and Europe's neighbours and the partner network PNAA in the aerospace cluster of Seattle. The great cooperation between Northern Federal States is also visible in the European Network EACP (European Aerospace Cluster Partnership).


„Aerospace Solutions Made in Niedersachsen“ - initiation, development and commercialisation of innovative, sectoral and comprehensive projects 

Application-oriented joint projects that strengthen businesses and investments are one of our core competencies. We provide comprehensive services for our partners through identifying, accompanying and marketing topics, actors and advancement opportunities. We support you in finding funding sources, partners and customers for your project in Niedersachsen.

Our task is to activate the „Aerospace Solutions Made in Niedersachsen“ and make things possible.

Trade and Invest

Branding Niedersachsen and establishing international market access for the Niedersachsen Aerospace community

We increase the visibility of Niedersachen as an aerospace location on a national and international level.

We provide excellent outcomes with our appearances at fairs, delegation travels and fact finding visits. The Chalet at the ILA Air Berlin Show, the joint booth at the AERO and our annual network meeting are very popular with our stakeholders from Niedersachsen and beyond.

In the international marketing, the concentration on North America in addition to Europe has positively proven itself. Additionally further aerospace regions in Asia, especially China and Japan, but also Brazil have become important markets and partners.


Our services

Niedersachsen Aviation is your point of contact to the aerospace community in Northern Germany. We support our partners to be globally competitive.

Market access

Especially within the aerospace industry, business success depends on sustainable market access. We support you to gain better access to

  • geographical key markets
  • target markets for own production and operations
  • buying and delivery markets

Our appearences at fairs and conferences and our international cluster networks are the ideal basis for the initiation of such market access.

We are represented at the most important trade fairs and provide you with diverse participation opportunities. Our shared booths and business delegations are a good opportunity for you to strengthen your visibility at the important fairs - with an attractive price-performance ratio.

You can find more information to our trade fair appearances here.

Information services

We see ourselves as information providers for the aerospace community in Niedersachsen. We are constantly informed about current developments in economy, sciences and politics. In the face of today's surplus on information, we filter and gather the relevant topics and news for the regional economy. Contact us when you wish to get further information from us.

You will receive all the news from the community and relevant events taking place through our quarterly published Newsletter (in German only).

If you wish to subscribe for the Newsletter, please click here.

Advisory on funding opportunities

We support you in your business financing and advancement opportunities. It might be especially difficult for medium-sized businesses to gain a clear overview. Being experts in the public and private funding sector we support you in identifying the best solution for your challenges.

Contact us if you wish to find a suitable funding opportunity!

Location consulting

We support you to find your future location in Northern Germany.

The aerospace location Niedersachsen provides businesses with many benefits. Different regions in Niedersachsen have their very own individual strengths in the aerospace industry.

May it be surrounded by businesses from the new materials/CFK-industry, production facilities of large aerostructures, international reknown research and development or UAV and the General Aviation communities. We help you to find your perfect business environment.

Project development

One of our core activities is the initiation and management of national and international cooperative projects, technology-oriented innovational projects and location-bound projects (start-ups, expansions, increase in networking qualities).

New projects are often initiatied by our working groups. Our services are open to all businesses and institutions of the aerospace industry that are willing to perform projects in Niedersachsen.

Our team will support you in the following topics:

  • Counseling for the development of ideas (alternative financing opportunities, important frame conditions) into projects
  • Search for suitable project partners (personal research, workshops for the interested parties)
  • Assistance in creating applications for funding support
  • Assistance in carrying out the submission
  • Entourage during the implementation of the project
  • Opportunity to organize project meetings in our premises (Hannover, Hamburg-Harburg)
  • Project-oriented marketing and PR (own media and trade press)


Stefan Schröder
Stefan Schröder
Niedersachsen Aviation
c/o LNC LogisticNetwork Consultants GmbH
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Dr. Henrik Brokmeier
Dr. Henrik Brokmeier
Project Manager
Niedersachsen Aviation
c/o LNC LogisticNetwork Consultants GmbH
Georgsplatz 12, 30159 Hannover
Celina Kiesling
Celina Kiesling
Project manager
Niedersachsen Aviation
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Kerstin Hungerland
Kerstin Hungerland
Event Management
Niedersachsen Aviation
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