Space Tech Expo USA 2021

Space Tech Expo, the West Coast's premier space event consists of two days of knowledge sharing and networking alongside the largest supply chain exhibition of its kind. The free-to-attend exhibition will showcase the very latest technology from technical designers, sub-systems suppliers, manufacturers and components through to systems integrators for civil, military and commercial space.

It will take place from October 6 - 8 2021 in Long Beach, CA.

Consequence to the continued commercialization of the space industry as a whole, the integration of commercial-off-the-shelf-components (COTS) has put pressure on custom-made components that traditionally are more expensive and take longer to produce.

The first session of Space Tech Expo USA's Spring Webinar Series will provide a platform to assist industry professionals in combating concerns relating to future component development, with focus on finding a consensus between COTS component performance vs manufacturing cost.

Join us online next week and discover how to best source lower-cost rapid prototyping solutions for creating spacecraft design models for national security, civil and commercial missions. Plus, how to reduce production time through the implementation of new technologies, with the unmissable opportunity to learn from representatives from industry giants Lockheed Martin and Sensonor.

Space Tech Expo USA 2021