Industrial Supply Chain


In Niedersachsen, a large number of industrial service providers, suppliers and machine and system manufacturers is established, thus nearly the entire value chain of the production of aircraft is covered by Niedersachsen's resident actors. niedersächsischer Luftfahrtindustrie. 

General Aviation

Auto Gyro

Niedersachsen's excellent position in general aviation is not just owed to its superb infrastructure, but to local companies and manufacturers like Atlas Air Service, AutoGyro or MD-Flugzeugbau as well, which makes Niedersachsen a prime location for general aviation.

Lightweight Solutions


Niedersachsen is the leader in developing and applying marketable innovative materials as well as in the process and return of the value-added cycle. A worldwide leader in networks is also located at the CFK Valley Stade, Niedersachsen.



The location of two Airbus facilities in Stade and Buxtehude already indicate Niedersachsen's importance for the international aviation industry. Stade is specialized in production and development of CFRP technology. Vertical stabilizers for the whole Airbus family are produced in Stade. In Buxtehude the Airbus subsidiary KID-Systeme develops in-flight entertainment and other electronic cabin systems.

Human Ressources

Fachkräfte in Niedersachsen - Wissen für morgen.

Niedersachsen provides access to various forms of (advanced) training all along the value chain, at various levels of qualification. This is supported and expanded by a unique pool of research facilities and researching companies, amongst them the DLR, the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft and the Max Planck Institut, as well as universities, universities of applied science, vocational schools and other educational organizations.


MTU Triebwerk

MRO is one of the most prosperous branches of the aerospace industry. Niedersachsen is well represented in MRO: besides MTU Maintenance a whole lot of SMEs is active in this sector, all at highest levels of quality.

Space Industry

Satellit Terra

Niedersachsen is an active location for the research, development and production of space industry-related goods and services. Especially for the areas of telematics and testing/ measuring procedures, a large breadth of unique competencies is represented.

Air traffic / Airlines


Commercial airlines like TUIfly und Lufthansa offer their services from Hannover. In addition, a large number of aviation-related logistics companies use this location for their global cargo activities. A significant benefit at Hannover Airport is the non-existance of elsewhere common night flying restrictions.


Anzeigetafel Flughafen

Our airports in Hannover-Langenhagen and Braunschweig are Niedersachsen's gateway to international air travel, while numerous airfields also add to the high level of air mobility. Consequently, there is a broad spectrum of service providers and manufacturers of airport equipment present.